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But while each villain is a threat any Marvel hero should fear, it.

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Dormammu is the sworn enemy of the Sorcerer Supreme, time and time again giving the strongest magic-users of the Marvel Universe a run for their money. com/watch?v=6le9KDU_TCU&feature=youtu. Dormammu is not only of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe capable of destroying Universes.

Dormammu is much bigger threat because has bigger ambitions but his showings with context are trash.

The average adult human head is about an eighth their total height. · 5 yr. Dormammu vs.

. 6 #17, Dormammu absorbed Ego completely, merging their powers.

But he is also an interesting entity with grand plan.


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u/BabaTreesh. Aug 29, 2022 · Is Dormammu More Powerful Than The Celestials? Oh yes, Dormammu is absolutely more powerful than the Celestials and has tons of feats to prove it.


He is capable of challenging or even defeating the entire Celestial race. 303. Nezarr solos 0%.

. 2 days ago. When it comes down to the most powerful villains in the MCU, Dormammu and Galactus are two of the worthy contenders. . .

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There aren't Dormammu chilling at the end of time.



Shuma-Gorath rules hundreds of the second type, and he and the other two operate on a true multiversal scale.