Light and built right, this enduring design weighs only 5 pounds, and padded straps with a back puck for single-strap conversion makes carrying near effortless.


. com to obtain your PING.

That cushioning combines well with the bag’s comfy and easily adjustable strap to provide a very smooth ride over 18 holes.

Extend the new strap to fit comfortably on your.

. Jan 17, 2012 · The nylon webbing strap that wraps around the metal leg supports looked like it had been cut over years of use. Step 1: Gather the Required Tools Before starting the conversion process, you will need the following tools: Scissors; Seam Ripper; Strap Connector (Optional) Step 2: Remove the Existing Straps Use a seam ripper to remove the existing straps from the Ping.

Ping G425 LST 3W Atmos Black 7X.

. 5 pounds. .

. 1/4 or 1/2 inch should do it.

A re-engineered back puck makes it far easier to convert PING carry bags from backpack style to a single-strap carry.

Use the strap connector to carry the bag by a single strap or backpack style with optimal weight distribution.

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Extend the new strap to fit comfortably on your. .

Back puck simplifies conversion to single strap; Apparel pocket with full-length zipper for easier access; Storage areas inside apparel pocket; Cart-strap pass thru; Easy-access.



. . Features an innovative back puck for fast single-strap conversion, added storage, more magnetic pockets, and an apparel pocket with full-length zipper.

. . The 14-way top means the PING Hoofer 2018 is more of a hybrid Bag has a cart strap channel so that if you wish to place on a trolley then access can still be made to all. It could be argued that Ping and its Hoofer stand bags at the collegiate level lead to a trickle-down effect once the bag adopted the original Ping dual-strap. . .

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Ping hoofer strap instructions 16/09/2018 · Any of the following are solid choices and come in at 4. .

Cleveland CBX Zipcore 50*, 56*, 60* DG Spinner Stiff stepped soft.

It sounds like a bit of a stretch, but if there is one.

If so you can tap that up lightly with a hammer to increase the tension.

The new Ping Hoofer stand bag comes with a whopping 22 litres of volume from its 11 pockets.