This holiday, the Liddles have much to be merry about! Jacquie (Kelly Rowland) and her husband Tyler (Thomas Cadrot) are preparing for the arrival of their first baby.

Starring Kelly Rowland.

(2019) A successful entrepreneur's messy family descends on her new dream home for the holidays. 7+.


Nov 26, 2021 · "Merry Liddle Christmas Baby" will debut on Lifetime at 8 p.

. . The messy family of a successful, super-together single tech entrepreneur descends on her gleaming new dream home for the holidays.

[PHOTOS] Lifetime Christmas Movies 2020 Schedule: See stars from Beverly Hills 90210, Chuck, Good Place, One Tree Hill, Sabrina and more.

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Inspired by her own recent Christmas catastrophe, Kelly Rowland plays Jacquie– a successful, super-together single tech entrepreneur whose messy family descends on her gleaming new dream home for the holidays. Menu.

Merry Liddle Christmas’ is no exception, as the beauty of Vancouver is visible throughout the movie.


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Nov. List of the best movies like Merry Liddle Christmas (2019): All I Wish, The Hollars, One Chance, Sublet, Bennett's Song, Morning Glory, Completely Normal, Amira & Sam, About Time, Love on a Leash.

The series has seen Rowland’s character Jacquie Liddle evolve from a single lady to a happily married mother of twins, all the while navigating the holidays with her family who puts the fun in.
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The Liddles brought joy to the world in.

. Major Lifetime and Hallmark movies have been filmed in the dreamy expanse of the city. Published on September 13, 2021 01:00 PM.

Dec 18, 2020 · Both Hallmark and Lifetime have now established successful Christmas rom-com franchises with mostly Black casts: Christmas in Evergreen and the Merry Liddle Christmas series. Dec 23, 2021 · Merry Liddle Christmas Baby. Nov 27, 2021 · The film, which is the third in the “Merry Liddleseries of movies, after 2019’s “Merry Liddle Christmas” and 2020’s “Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding,” once again reunites the cast. Merry Liddle Christmas Baby, the third in the Liddle franchise, is part of Lifetime's 2021 slate of star-studded holiday movies. In Merry Liddle Christmas Vacation, the gang is all back, and with Jacquie (Rowland) and Tyler (Thomas Cadrot) as new parents of twins celebrating their wedding. This new Liddle movie will follow the family as they head on a family.


$3. Debuts November 27.

Nov 27, 2021 · Such is its popularity as a filming location.

Lifetime’s first-ever Christmas sequel to last year’s hit movie, Merry Liddle Christmas, Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding once again follows Jacquie Liddle (Kelly.

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Nov 25, 2021 · Kelly Rowland stars in the 2021 Lifetime original holiday movie Merry Liddle Christmas Baby, the third entry in the Liddle series.

Per an official logline: "This holiday season, the Liddle family is back together again, and ready to spend the.