Giancarlo Esposito as Leo Pap and Tati Gabrielle as Hannah Kim in episode "Yellow" of "Kaleidoscope.

June 29th will bring the first half of The Witcher Season 3. .



. Logline: Now full-time detectives struggling to get their private eye agency off the ground, Nick and Audrey Spitz find themselves at the center of an international abduction when their friend the Maharajah is kidnapped at his own lavish wedding. Extraction 2 arrives on Netflix on June 16th.

Eric André’s Bad Trip was #1 on Netflix, but suffered bad luck.

22 hours ago · June 5. . Blamed by some, hailed as heroes by others, those involved with Fukushima Daiichi face a deadly, invisible threat — an unprecedented nuclear disaster.

January 2023. Kill Boksoon The Byun Sung-hun-directed movie is one of the most pleasant surprises of 2023 to date.

The party is set to continue with Netflix’s June 2023 programming schedule, which includes the debut of the action movie sequel Extraction 2 with Thor: Love.

January 2023.

. June 29th will bring the first half of The Witcher Season 3.

eventually release on the platform as video- on -demand in the coming months. The end of the month is also packed with some big additions.




. Runtime: 1h 38m. .

Do you like movies? If so, then you’ll love New Boxoffice Movie: Beautiful Disaster. . (Update: It just ticked up to 2%. . .


Arnold Schwarzenegger ’s first scripted TV series, the Jennifer Lopez -starring action film The Mother and documentaries featuring Anna Nicole Smith and. 20 Best Disaster Movies on Netflix Right Now.

June 6.


After dropping an outline of its film and TV slate for 2023 in mid-January, Netflix is slowly adding new titles to the mix.

This movie is one of the best in its genre.

Queen Cleopatra: Netflix's WOKE Disaster (Review): With Lauren Chen, K.